I would like to bring to your attention the UQ workshop that will be held this September in Italy. Below is the workshop description copied from the workshop website available at https://frontuq18.org/.

The second  edition of the outreach workshop “Frontiers of Uncertainty Quantification” (FrontUQ) organized by the GAMM Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification will be held on 5-7 September 2018 in Pavia, Italy, and will be focused on Uncertainty Quantification in Subsurface Environments (see this website for first edition of the workshop, which was held in Munich, Germany, September 6-8, 2017).

Subsurface environments host natural resources which are critical to the needs of our society and to its development. The diversity of problems encountered in subsurface modeling naturally calls for multi-disciplinary research efforts, with contributions from a wide range of fields including, e.g., mathematics, hydrology, geology, physics and biogeochemistry. Complex mathematical models and numerical techniques are then often required to tackle the simulation of coupled processes which are ubiquitous in relevant applications. In this context, our knowledge of the structure and properties of subsurface porous media is of critical importance to parameterize these models, but yet is incomplete, the first and simple reason being that the subsurface itself is not easily accessible to our direct observation. Estimation of input parameters is then plagued by uncertainty and so are consequently target output variables. Designing effective numerical methods dealing with uncertainties becomes crucial in every phase of the workflow, from the solution of inverse problems for the identification of the flow and transport properties to the forward propagation of the uncertainties, the sensitivity analysis and the design of management policies.  This workshop gathers researchers with different backgrounds active in the area, presenting both advances in dedicated uncertainty quantification techniques and real-world test cases.


UQ Workshop

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