The Hydrologic Uncertainty Technical committee’s mission includes three “big research questions”. The first is “How to improve the credibility and computational efficiency of approaches and tools for characterizing uncertainty in both natural and engineered hydrologic processes?” We’ve put together a list of sessions that emphasizes this research problem.

Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis: Methodological Advances

H044 – Diagnostics, Sensitivity, and Uncertainty Analysis of Earth, Hydrologic and Environmental Models, Including Multiple Hypotheses and Extremes

H002 – Advances and Applications of Data Integration, Inverse Methods, and Machine Learning in Hydrogeophysics

Domain-specific problems

A069 – Extreme Weather Events: Forecast skill, Uncertainty Quantification and Impact Modeling

H071 – Heterogeneity, upscaling and uncertainty quantification in subsurface flow and transport

B078 – Multi-hypothesis studies of ecological and hydrological systems

In other fields

NG001 – Advances in Data Assimilation, Predictability and Uncertainty Quantification[CX1]

GC047 – Interpretation and Uncertainty Quantification of Climate, Earth System, and Integrated Assessment Models

NG011 – Uncertainty Quantification and Error Characterization in Remote Sensing

V055 – Volcanic Hazard Modeling, Risk Assessment and Uncertainty Quantification

SM039 – Uncertainty Quantification and Statistical Best Practices for Space Weather

G004 – Geodetic InSAR Time-series Analysis; Applications and Uncertainty Quantification

A010 – Assessing Atmospheric Instrumental Uncertainty and Measurement Consistency

NH033 – Quantifying Uncertainty in Probabilistic Storm Surge Estimates – Recent Advances in Research and Applications

GC087 – Uncertainty in Recent and Future Sea-Level Change

AGU 2019 Fall Meeting Sessions: Characterizing Uncertainty

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