The Hydrologic Uncertainty Technical committee’s mission includes three “big research questions”. The second is “How to reduce uncertainty in understanding, modelling, and predicting the future of coupled human-hydrologic systems?” We’ve put together a list of sessions that emphasizes this research problem. We also have a list of sessions specifically using machine learning techniques.

Improving modelling and watershed science

H098 – Modeling hydrological processes and changes under a changing environment

H023 – Advancing watershed science using machine learning, diverse data, and mechanistic modeling

Domain-specific problems

H092 – Long-Term Climate Modeling and Hydrological Projection

H067 – GRACE / GRACE-FO Applications in Terrestrial Hydrology

H064 – Geogenic Contamination in the Groundwater System: Advances (and Challenges) in Assessment, Water Quality Modeling, Uncertainty, and Water Supply Management

H013 – Advances in quantifying impacts and extents of land-use/land-cover change on hydrology.

GC057 – Multi-scale, Multi-Region, and Multi-Actor Interactions for Sustainability and Resilience in the Food-Energy-Water Nexus

H102 – Nonstationary Impacts on Urban Watersheds

H126 – Statistical Methods for Modeling Changes in Flood Characteristics: Novel Approaches and Comparisons[CX1]

In other fields

GC014 – Climate Science in the Age of Deep Learning and Machine Learning

A055 – Deep Learning for improving short-term atmospheric modeling and prediction

B081 – Narrowing uncertainty in GHG emissions using UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms

A111 – Reducing uncertainty in aerosol effects on climate

A136 – Urban Climate Informatics — from sourcing to (deep) learning

IN002 – Advanced Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Deep Learning

H038 – Conventional and Enhanced Geothermal Systems: Characterization, Integration, Stimulation, Simulation, and Induced Seismicity

GC039 – Four Decades and Counting: NASA Earth Observations and Agricultural Monitoring

A116 – Seasonal to Multi-Seasonal Earth System Prediction and its Applications

GC068 – Quantifying impacts in socio-environmental systems through the application of remote sensing and machine learning

AGU 2019 Fall Meeting Sessions: Reducing Uncertainty

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