The Hydrologic Uncertainty Technical committee’s mission includes three “big research questions”. The third is “How to better communicate about uncertainty in support of decision and policy making to best achieve societal objectives?” We’ve put together a list of sessions that emphasizes this research problem.

Communicating Uncertainty

H144 – Water and Society: Communication, Decision Support and Stakeholder Engagement to improve Policy and Management in an Uncertain World.

H146 – Water and Society: Water Resources Management and Policy in a Changing World

H142 – Water and Society: Adaptive Short-Term Management of Coupled Human-Natural Systems Confronting Long-Term Global Change

B130 – Water and Society: Adapting institutions to address future water resource challenges

Domain-specific problems

H145 – Water and Society: Enhancing and Communicating Hydroclimatic Forecasts for Water Resources Decision-making

H036 – Co-management of Floods and Droughts under Climate Change

H030 – Assessment of Vulnerability and Sustainability of Water Resources under Climate Change for Small Scale Watersheds

GC074 – Resilience in an era of climate change…what does that even mean?

In other fields

IN035 – Making Data Uncertainty Information FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable

PA057 – Scientist Citizens:  Shaping Science-Informed Policy

PA040 – Optimizing natural hazard risk assessment: a showcase of how utilizing decision and risk analysis methods from other sectors can help improve natural hazard planning

ED027 – Evaluation of Education, Outreach, and Communication: Learning from our Work and telling the Story of Learning

ED045 – Science to Action: Learning Ecosystems as a Pathway to Resilient Communities and a Diverse Geoscience Workforce

AGU 2019 Fall Meeting Sessions: Communicating Uncertainty

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