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Water Resources Research:

  1. Abbaszadeh, P., Moradkhani, H., & Daescu, D. N. (February 2019). The Quest for Model Uncertainty Quantification: A Hybrid Ensemble and Variational Data Assimilation Framewor. Water Resources Research, 55.
  2. Barendrecht, M. H., Viglione, A., Kreibich, H., Merz, B., Vorogushyn, S., & Blöschl, G. (January 2019). The value of empirical data for estimating the parameters of a sociohydrological flood risk model. Water Resources Research, 55, 1312– 1336.
  3. Broderick, C., Murphy, C., Wilby, R. L., Matthews, T., Prudhomme, C., & Adamson, M. (January 2019). Using a scenario‐neutral framework to avoid potential maladaptation to future flood risk. Water Resources Research, 55, 1079– 1104.
  4. Camacho Suarez, V. V., Schellart, A. N. A., Brevis, W., & Shucksmith, J. D. (April 2019). Quantifying the impact of uncertainty in the dispersion coefficient on assessment of regulatory compliance. Water Resources Research, 55.
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  7. Ford, T. W., & Quiring, S. M. (February 2019). Comparison of contemporary in situ, model, and satellite remote sensing soil moisture with a focus on drought monitoring. Water Resources Research, 55, 1565– 1582.
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  10. Kavetski, D., Fenicia, F., Reichert, P. and Albert, C. (April 2018). Signature-domain calibration of hydrological models using Approximate Bayesian Computation: Theory and comparison to existing applications, Water Resources Research, 54(6), 4059–4083, https://doi:10.1002/2017WR02052
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  14. Qin Y, Kavetski D and Kuczera G (August 2018) A robust Gauss‐Newton algorithm for the optimization of hydrological models: Benchmarking against industry‐standard algorithms, Water Resources Research, 54, 9637–9654.
  15. Sharma, S., Siddique, R., Reed, S., Ahnert, P., & Mejia, A. (January 2019). Hydrological model diversity enhances streamflow forecast skill at short‐ to medium‐range timescales. Water Resources Research, 55, 1510– 1530.
  16. Smyth, E. J., Raleigh, M. S., & Small, E. E. (January 2019). Particle filter data assimilation of monthly snow depth observations improves estimation of snow density and SWE. Water Resources Research, 55, 1296– 1311.
  17. Tasseff, B., Bent, R., & Van Hentenryck, P. (January 2019). Optimization of structural flood mitigation strategies. Water Resources Research, 55, 1490– 1509.
  18. Verdin, A., Rajagopalan, B., Kleiber, W., Podestá, G., & Bert, F. (March 2019). BayGEN: A Bayesian space‐time stochastic weather generator. Water Resources Research, 55.
  19. Yin, J., Zhan, X., Liu, J., & Schull, M. (January 2019). An Inter‐comparison of Noah Model Skills with Benefits of Assimilating SMOPS Blended and Individual Soil Moisture Retrievals. Water Resources Research.
  20. Zwieback, S., Westermann, S., Langer, M., Boike, J., Marsh, P., & Berg, A. (February 2019). Improving permafrost modeling by assimilating remotely sensed soil moisture. Water Resources Research, 55.

Environmental Modelling and Software:

  1. Gatel, L., Lauvernet, C., Carluer, N., Weill, S., Tournebize, J., & Paniconi, C. (March 2019). Global evaluation and sensitivity analysis of a physically based flow and reactive transport model on a laboratory experiment. Environmental Modelling & Software, 113, 73-83.
  2. Hung, F., & Hobbs, B. F. (March 2019). How can learning-by-doing improve decisions in stormwater management? A Bayesian-based optimization model for planning urban green infrastructure investments. Environmental Modelling & Software, 113, 59-72.
  3. Krapu, C., & Borsuk, M. (April 2019). Probabilistic programming: A review for environmental modellers. Environmental Modelling & Software.
  4. McInerney D, Thyer M, Kavetski D, Bennett B, Lerat J, Gibbs M and Kuczera G (November 2018) A simplified approach to produce probabilistic hydrological model predictions, Environmental Modelling and Software, 109, 306-314,
  5. Razavi, S., & Gupta, H. V. (April 2019). A multi-method Generalized Global Sensitivity Matrix approach to accounting for the dynamical nature of earth and environmental systems models. Environmental Modelling & Software, 114, 1-11.
  6. Razavi, S., Sheikholeslami, R., Gupta, H. V., & Haghnegahdar, A. (February 2019). VARS-TOOL: A toolbox for comprehensive, efficient, and robust sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. Environmental Modelling & Software, 112, 95-107.
  7. Saltelli, A., Aleksankina, K., Becker, W., Fennell, P., Ferretti, F., Holst, N., Li, S. and Wu, Q., (April 2019). Why so many published sensitivity analyses are false: A systematic review of sensitivity analysis practices. Environmental Modelling & Software.
  8. Sheikholeslami, R., Razavi, S., Gupta, H. V., Becker, W., & Haghnegahdar, A. (January 2019). Global sensitivity analysis for high-dimensional problems: How to objectively group factors and measure robustness and convergence while reducing computational cost. Environmental modelling & software, 111, 282-299.
  9. Stritih, A., Bebi, P., & Grêt-Regamey, A. (January 2019). Quantifying uncertainties in earth observation-based ecosystem service assessments. Environmental Modelling & Software, 111, 300-310.
  10. Visser, A. G., Beevers, L., & Patidar, S. (April 2019). A coupled modelling framework to assess the hydroecological impact of climate change. Environmental Modelling & Software.
  11. Warren, R.F., Edwards, N.R., Babonneau, F., Bacon, P.M., Dietrich, J.P., Ford, R.W., Garthwaite, P., Gerten, D., Goswami, S., Haurie, A. and Hiscock, K. (January 2019). Producing policy-relevant science by enhancing robustness and model integration for the assessment of global environmental change. Environmental Modelling & Software, 111, 248-258.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences:

  1. Mackay, J. D., Barrand, N. E., Hannah, D. M., Krause, S., Jackson, C. R., Everest, J., Aðalgeirsdóttir, G., and Black, A. R. (April 2019). Future evolution and uncertainty of river flow regime change in a deglaciating river basin, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 1833-1865,
  2. Schürz, C., Hollosi, B., Matulla, C., Pressl, A., Ertl, T., Schulz, K., and Mehdi, B. (2019). A comprehensive sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for discharge and nitrate-nitrogen loads involving multiple discrete model inputs under future changing conditions, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 1211-1244,
  3. Woldemeskel F, McInerney D, Lerat J, Thyer M, Kavetski D, Shin D, Tuteja N and Kuczera G (December 2018) Evaluating residual error approaches for post-processing monthly and seasonal streamflow forecasts, Hydrological and Earth System Sciences, 22, 6257-6278, doi:

Journal of Hydrology:

  1. Ahmed, K., Shahid, S., Chung, E. S., Wang, X. J., & Harun, S. B. (March 2019). Climate Change Uncertainties in Seasonal Drought Severity-Area-Frequency Curves: Case of Arid Region of Pakistan. Journal of Hydrology.
  2. Ahn, K. H., & Kim, Y. O. (March 2019). Incorporating Climate Model Similarities and Hydrologic Error Models to Quantify Climate Change Impacts on Future Riverine Flood Risk. Journal of Hydrology.
  3. Chen, L., Chen, S., Li, S., & Shen, Z. (March 2019). Temporal and spatial scaling effects of parameter sensitivity in relation to non-point source pollution simulation. Journal of Hydrology.
  4. Gebrehiwot, S. G., Di Baldassarre, G., Bishop, K., Halldin, S., & Breuer, L. (March 2019). Is observation uncertainty masking the signal of land use change impacts on hydrology?. Journal of Hydrology.
  5. Hazra, A., Maggioni, V., Houser, P., Antil, H., & Noonan, M. (March 2019). A Monte Carlo-Based Multi-Objective Optimization Approach to Merge Different Precipitation Estimates for Land Surface Modeling. Journal of Hydrology.
  6. Koohbor, B., Fahs, M., Ataie-Ashtiani, B., Belfort, B., Simmons, C. T., & Younes, A. (April 2019). Uncertainty analysis for seawater intrusion in fractured coastal aquifers: Effects of fracture location, aperture, density and hydrodynamic parameters. Journal of Hydrology.
  7. Li, Z., Jasechko, S., & Si, B. (April 2019). Uncertainties in tritium mass balance models for groundwater recharge estimation. Journal of Hydrology.
  8. Peleg, N., Molnar, P., Burlando, P., & Fatichi, S. (April 2019). Exploring stochastic climate uncertainty in space and time using a gridded hourly weather generator. Journal of Hydrology, 571, 627-641.
  9. Pirot, G., Huber, E., Irving, J., & Linde, N. (April 2019). Reduction of conceptual model uncertainty using ground-penetrating radar profiles: Field-demonstration for a braided-river aquifer. Journal of Hydrology.
  10. Sharifi, E., Saghafian, B., & Steinacker, R. (March 2019). Copula-based Stochastic Uncertainty Analysis of Satellite Precipitation Products. Journal of Hydrology.
  11. Soltani, M., Laux, P., Mauder, M., & Kunstmann, H. (April 2019). Inverse distributed modelling of streamflow and turbulent fluxes: A sensitivity and uncertainty analysis coupled with automatic optimization. Journal of Hydrology.
  12. Yang, W., Long, D., & Bai, P. (March 2019). Impacts of future land cover and climate changes on runoff in the mostly afforested river basin in North China. Journal of Hydrology.
  13. Wine, M. L. (2019). Under non-stationarity securitization contributes to uncertainty and Tragedy of the Commons. Journal of Hydrology, 568, 716-721,
  14.  Jiang, S.Y., Zhang, Q., Werner, A.D., Wellen, C., Jomaa, S., Zhu, Q.D., Büttner, O., Meon, G. and Rode, M. (2019). Effects of stream nitrate data frequency on watershed model performance and prediction uncertainty. Journal of Hydrology, 569, 22-36,

Geophysical Research Letters:

  1. Chen, H., Morrison, A. K., Dufour, C. O., & Sarmiento, J. L. (March 2019). Deciphering patterns and drivers of heat and carbon storage in the Southern Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters, 46.
  2. Wise, E. K., & Dannenberg, M. P. (March 2019). Climate factors leading to asymmetric extreme capture in the tree‐ring record. Geophysical Research Letters, 46.

Ecological Engineering:

  1. Kiesel, J., Gericke, A., Rathjens, H., Wetzig, A., Kakouei, K., Jähnig, S. C., & Fohrer, N. (2019). Climate change impacts on ecologically relevant hydrological indicators in three catchments in three European ecoregions. Ecological Engineering, 127, 404-416

Science of the Total Environment:

  1. Fortesa, J., García-Comendador, J., Calsamiglia, A., López-Tarazón, J. A., Latron, J., Alorda, B., & Estrany, J. (2019). Comparison of stage/discharge rating curves derived from different recording systems: Consequences for streamflow data and water management in a Mediterranean island. Science of The Total Environment, 665, 968-981,

Book chapters:

  1. Kavetski D (2018) Parameter estimation and predictive uncertainty quantification in hydrological modelling, Book Chapter 25-1 in Duan Q et al (eds) Handbook of Hydrometeorological Ensemble Forecasting, Springer-Verlag, doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-40457-3_25-1.
Latest publications on ‘Hydrologic Uncertainty’ – April 2019

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